Insuring Your Clicks with
Automated Click Fraud Protection

Don't risk your AdWords budget being used by fraudulent activity. Insure your clicks now with Click Blocker.

Simple Setup Process

To get started, simply sign up and add your Google AdWords ID on the Settings page of your Dashboard, you will then received an AdWords Link Request. Add the tracking code and then your done. It's a 5 minute process.

Detect Fraudulent Activity

As soon as your account is setup and the tracking code is in place we will start analising your traffic for fraudulent activity. Your data is checked against multiple algorithms and data points to improve detection accuracy.

Click Fraud Found

Once fraud is detected, our systems will initiate an automated block within your Google AdWords account preventing your ad from being shown to that offender. We also provide an additional layer of security to prevent persistent offenders.

It's So Easy

Within minutes you'll be saving money and giving yourself a competitive edge!


  • $44.99 / month
  • 1 Website Protected
  • 24/7 Realtime Monitoring
  • Automated Realtime AdWords Blocking
  • Persistent Offender Protection
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Email Reports
  • Wordpress Plugin (optional)
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • No Contract, cancel anytime
  • Sign Up
We'd been running a Google AdWords campaign for our website for years - whilst we knew it was working well we couldn't quantify any "fraudulent clicks". We added Click Blocker and were amazed that we were being hit by click fraud every day.

We find being able to offer our Clients Click Blocker sets us apart from many other Digital Marketing Agencies. The system is great, easy to understand and most importantly saves our clients money.

We use Google Adwords in a very competitive sector. We had no idea what we were overspending until we signed up to Click Blocker. We were getting hit every day. We're now saving over £100 per month and out CPA has never looked better.